Advocating for Indigenous Sovereignty Across Turtle Island


Our Mission is to Educate and Organize

Advocating peaceful dialogue and community engagement

Pandos peacefully advocates for basic human, environmental, and Indigenous rights. By organizing support and education, we encourage dialogue and the protection of our shared home​. We are a diverse group of both native and non-native people who are passionate about working together to ensure this mission. We are passionate individuals focused on healing ourselves and our communities. We aspire to be good relatives.


Indigenous issues impact everyone. We shift perspective to highlight stories that are not often told to bring about healing.


Respond with support to our Indigenous relatives in need by elevating their voices.


Curate space and facilitate dialogue to transform perspective and create a better planet for all.

Online and Offline Engagement

Participate in activities throughout the year in person or remotely. View our calendar for the most up to date activities.

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A Little Bit About Us

We are builders, visionaries, caretakers, weavers, and storytellers.

The way we design our collaborative is through voices of Indigenous people. We have representation from the tribal nations Navajo/Dineh, Oglala Lakota, Arawak, Mayan, Garifuna, Choctaw, Haliwa-Saponi, Hopi, Mexican, Chemehuevi, and Tewa.

Carl Moore

Carl Moore


Indigenous activist and defender of both political and sacred sovereignty of Indigenous people. He is a tribal member of the Colorado Rivier Indian Tribes being both Hopi and Chemehuevi. A cultural performer and presenter since his youth expressing his belief that everyone has been gifted unique medicines to offer their communities and should do so an an expression of gratitude to the Divine. Carl studied Political Science and American Indian Studies at Utah Valley University. He values critical thinking with the understanding of cultural context our egocentric worldviews. He believes everything and everyone around us is related and we ought to respect each other as a loving family should. He is the initator and co-founder of two Indigenous led nonprofits in SLC since 2016, Pandos and SLC Air Protectors. He also advocates for the SLC unsheltered community by giving both material and emotional support. 

Dave John

Dave John


Tewa/ Din’e, Pandos Co-Founder.  Helped organized the December 2016 Music Festival for raising funds for the legal funds for Standing Rock Water Protectors Organized the Pandos Defend the Sacred Powwow, Organized The Pandos Covid-19 Mobile Unit, and the Mni Luzahan Camp Covid-19 Mobile Unit in Rapid City, Helped Organized the Pandos Virtual Music Festival to raise funds to purchase the Covid-19 Testing Kits, Helped Organized Red Fawn’s “Protect all things Sacred” Powwow.

Tom King

Tom King


Self-described naturalist, who identifies his community as the Web of Life on Planet Earth. He has overseen a local community seedling project to provide garden vegetable starter plants in the local community. Tom became a peace activist in 2001, and was part of organizing rallies and vigils through 2008. He became involved with Pandos by way of offering to help improve the lighting used at the Defend the Sacred Powwow  in 2018, and did the same thing for the 2019 Powwow. Tom views his involvement with Pandos as being aligned with his chosen ‘mission’ of working to nurture the welfare of the web of life, and has been thankful for opportunities to nurture some specific Sacred Medicine plants from seeds into healthy seedlings that are given freely to the community.

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We respect all Indigenous ways of knowing. We look forward to building community with you.

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I attended a discussion at BYU with PANDOS MMIW+ where I learned about manifest destiny and the Indigenous experience. The discussion enlightened me and opened histories that I never knew about of Indigenous people in the United States. I liked the experience because it was very frank with the facts. They allowed us to ask questions to better understand from our relative cultural perspectives how this history is important and how it has affected generations. The discussion was done in a manner of mutual understanding and not with a feeling of opposition.

Scott Chao

BYU Alumnus

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Rocky Mountain Renewable Energy

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We are a diverse group and appreciate all talents. One day we may meet with political leaders, and the next, make breakfast for our Unsheltered Relatives. See our work in action and learn about our most urgent community issues.

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