Pandos MMIW+ Utah Michelle Brown Addresses Bountiful High Mascot

“Imagine googling the simple phrase “high school mascot.” An array of silly animal costumes from every beast imaginable begin to populate the screen. In addition to all the beasts used for entertaining crowds at sporting events and assemblies, picture a lone Native American more popularly known as “a Brave” at Bountiful High School.

Now imagine being a Native American from any tribe living in Utah, with the full understanding that the people in positions of power believe their portrayal of your race belongs among the lineup of the mascot beasts. It’s not a humanizing feeling.”

Read more of Michelle’s article published in the Salt Lake Tribune. 


Thank You, Outdoor Adventure River Specialist for Supporting Indigenous Youth Education

Thank You, Outdoor Adventure River Specialist for Supporting Indigenous Youth Education

OARS the Outdoor Adventure River Specialist has graciously donated a multi day rafting trip to start on August 1st, 2017. This trip will be for 25 Native American Youth. Our aim is to get youth representation from 7 different tribes in Utah. Native youth will gain cultural understanding, a sense of accomplishment, environmental stewardship, and make long lasting friendships.

If you would like to help us plan this once in a lifetime trip for these teens, please join us at our organizing meeting on Sunday, June 18th from 2-4pm at the SLC downtown library in Conference room A.

Folklore in Honor of Water

Folklore in Honor of Water

PANDOS was in awe of the support from the attendees and the talent of the participants of the Folklore in Honor of Water event.

With thanks to the amazing groups representing cultures and traditional dance, music, and storytelling from all around the world:
And many others
we had a fun and educational experience for our attendees and
we’re happy to announce that, thanks to the outpouring of support from the community and all of the performers, the funds raised have allowed us to pay for our 501(c)3 registration!

Columbus The Colonizer

On “Columbus Day” PANDOS held a conference to raise awareness for Standing Rock’s fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. On the day intended to celebrate genocide and oppression, we addressed the painful issue of colonialism and imperialism, and how it continues to ravage our communities. 

Featured Speakers Were:
Moroni Benally – Columbus Day
Irene Ota – COlonialism and Imperialism
Angelena Whitehorse – Being Native
Carol Surveyor – Standing Rock
Carl Moore – PANDOS
Alan Naumann – Fossil Fuels & Green Energy