Slug Magazine Highlights Pandos O.U.R’s

Camp Last Hope organized by Pandos leaders Dave John and Carl Moore reported by Audrey Lockie.

“…O.U.R’s (Our Unsheltered Relatives) is not just about feeding people—it’s also being there for people, acknowledging them [and] letting them voice whatever they have to voice.”
Around one year ago, O.U.R’s blossomed from a different catalyst. Moore and fellow Pandos Co-founder Dave John had helped set up and maintain Camp Last Hope, a westside campsite that hosted over 200 unsheltered residents until the city shut the camp down in February of 2021. Specifically, Moore and John would serve food at the camp on weekends and rejected the push to cease their services…”

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Dr. Hailey Haffey, PhD in the Surge Symposium for Underserved, Rural, & Global Health Education

Surge is an event elevating diverse speaker voices from rural and tribal communities along with experts in global and rural medical education in the Intermountain West. The narrative-oriented theme focuses on clinical care with arts-based strategies in medical education.

Listen for the Story: Using Narrative to Enhance Clinical Care in Underserved, Rural, and Global Health

3rd Annual Interprofessional Symposium


Pandos Presents Bears Ears Documentary Film Preview

Pandos Presents Bears Ears Documentary Film Preview

Attend a special pre-screening of our Bears Ears documentary Borders, and stay for a discussion to follow the screening. You will also get a preview of our First Annual “Defend the Sacred” Pow Wow, coming up in September. You will have the opportunity to bid on silent auction items, with proceeds to benefit the Pow Wow fund.

Pandos has been working hard since September 2016 to fight for Indigenous rights and Environmental Rights. Your financial support would be greatly appreciated. You can help us fulfill our mission and help promote cultural understanding and education while bidding on beautiful works of art during this silent auction. We will also have speakers during this event letting the public know about PANDOS and what issues we have been working on and what events we are planning for the near future. This is a free event to enter.

Speakers for the evening:
Carl Moore
Lindsay Beebe
Dave John
Carol Surveyor

Protect Sacred Land White Mesa

Protect Sacred Land White Mesa

If you were moved by the struggle at Standing Rock and now want to help a similar fight for justice right here in our Utah lands, come learn about the White Mesa Mill and Canyon Mine and how it will impact the First Nations communities living around it as well as how it will pollute our sacred sites.

​Join PANDOS on Tuesday May 2nd from 6:30-8pm at the Downtown SLC Library in Conference Room #4 on the 4th floor. We are honored to be able to have Yolanda Bad Back joining us from the White Mesa Ute Tribe to inform the SLC community about the risks of uranium pollution to the White Mesa and surrounding areas. Please support Native Sovereignty and Environmental Protection. For more information go to

University of Utah Invites Pandos to Discuss Cultural Appropriation

University of Utah Invites Pandos to Discuss Cultural Appropriation

We were thrilled to be joined by students and people of all races, creeds, and genders during our Discussion on Cultural Appropriation on Monday March 27 from 6:30-8:30 pm at the U of U Behavioral Science Building on 332 South 1400 East in SLC.

We appreciate the turnout from the community and the amazing job done by Wazir Jefferson as the moderator and our presenters:​
Ella Mendoza, Co-Founder of Utah’s Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement
Heilala Fu’itahi Potesio, Utah Pacific Islander Civic Engagement Coalition
Brenda Dao, Graduate Assistant for the Women’s Resource Center at the University of Utah
James Hernandez, PANDOS Education Chair
Yolanda Francisco-Nez, Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office of Diversity & Human Rights, Director​
and the closing prayer by : Butch Russell, PANDOS Spiritual Advisor

After the discussion, we had some great questions from the audience (both from those physically present and others attending via our livestream) that were coming from a genuine place of concern and wanting to learn, something we’re very grateful for.