Stand in Solidarity and Protect Gwandaii Goodlit

Stand in Solidarity and Protect Gwandaii Goodlit

On December 10 & 11 Carl Moore (Chairman) and Dave John (Treasurer) Headed to Washington DC to stand in solidarity with the Gwich’In Nation, Their Ancestral lands, including the coastal plain ( “Iizhik Gwats’ an Gwandaii Goodlit” / “the sacred place where life begins” of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Northeast Alaska. The coastal plain provides a sheltered calving grounds for the Porcupine caribou herd that has sustained the Gwich’In people since time immemorial. The Trump Administration is launching an aggressive oil and gas leasing schedule to attempt to auction off the fragile coastal plain for destructive drilling.

Read the story as The Tour Heads to Utah.

The Gwich’In Nation are among many Indigenous leaders fighting this Administration’s reckless “energy dominance” agenda.
This agenda furthers the destructive legacy of colonization in the United States. When our fights are picked off one at a time, we are discounted. We are stronger together. Tribes and our allies nationwide are standing together to unite against the Trump Administration’s attack on our human rights.

Other Nations and Organizations that stood in solidarity with the Gwich’In Nation that attended.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Navajo Nation, Lummi Nation, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Muisca Tribe, Pokanoket Tribe, Senrca Nation, Corrizo/ Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, Oglala Lakota, Ponka Nation, Ahtna Dene, Native Nations, FANG, Utah Dine Bikeya, Indigenous Environmental Network, Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders, Society of Native Nations, L’eau est la vie camp and of course Pandos.
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Pandos Presents Bears Ears Documentary Film Preview

Pandos Presents Bears Ears Documentary Film Preview

Attend a special pre-screening of our Bears Ears documentary Borders, and stay for a discussion to follow the screening. You will also get a preview of our First Annual “Defend the Sacred” Pow Wow, coming up in September. You will have the opportunity to bid on silent auction items, with proceeds to benefit the Pow Wow fund.

Pandos has been working hard since September 2016 to fight for Indigenous rights and Environmental Rights. Your financial support would be greatly appreciated. You can help us fulfill our mission and help promote cultural understanding and education while bidding on beautiful works of art during this silent auction. We will also have speakers during this event letting the public know about PANDOS and what issues we have been working on and what events we are planning for the near future. This is a free event to enter.

Speakers for the evening:
Carl Moore
Lindsay Beebe
Dave John
Carol Surveyor

Protect Sacred Land White Mesa

Protect Sacred Land White Mesa

If you were moved by the struggle at Standing Rock and now want to help a similar fight for justice right here in our Utah lands, come learn about the White Mesa Mill and Canyon Mine and how it will impact the First Nations communities living around it as well as how it will pollute our sacred sites.

​Join PANDOS on Tuesday May 2nd from 6:30-8pm at the Downtown SLC Library in Conference Room #4 on the 4th floor. We are honored to be able to have Yolanda Bad Back joining us from the White Mesa Ute Tribe to inform the SLC community about the risks of uranium pollution to the White Mesa and surrounding areas. Please support Native Sovereignty and Environmental Protection. For more information go to

Solidarity with Standing Rock

Cassandra Begay – The Pandos Tribal Liaison – went to Park City to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock water protectors and to interview LaDonna Brave Bulll, the founder of the first resistance camp (Sacred Stone) in Standing Rock, and Sarrain Fox, host of the Rise documentary series.

Water Protectors Pass November 15th International Day of Action

November 15th was declared and International Day of Action by the Water Protectors in Standing Rock, North Dakota. Specifically they were looking for actions to occur with the Army Corps of Engineers, sending the message that we wanted them to reject the permits for the Dakots Access Pipeline.  Joining over 150 planned actions in 47 States and over a dozen countries, thousands of Water Protectors from around the world all rose November 15th for an International Day of Action. 

​PANDOS held a rally that included some phenominal speakers and a march to the City County Building in Downtown SLC. The rally focused on the Army Corps of Engineers as well as the Public Lands Initiative for Ute Tribal lands here in Utah. Once we arrived to the City County building, the SLC Council adopted a joint resolution with the Mayor supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. More than 200 people attended the Formal Meeting to see the resolution’s approval.

The resolution details possible negative impacts of the pipeline and discourages any action related to the pipeline that would harm or destroy the Tribe’s ancestral lands, waters and sacred sites.