#WordWarriors2017 #SpeakYourTruth – Word warriors, confronting oppression with the power of expression. Presented by Peaceful Advocates for Native Dialogue and Organizing Support (PANDOS). This event aimed to be a platform for dialogue regarding colonialism, race, trauma, and gender for all peoples and the community as a whole, and we’re thankful to report this was a huge “mission accomplished”

The outpouring from the community was incredible and we were thrilled to provide a spotlight to such a marvelous group of passionate, caring, and talented people. We aim to keep this event going in the form of an annual event so look for updates as they become available here at this page and at our Facebook page.

We also want to thank our amazing volunteers, Stephany Murguia, Amber Jacobson, and Ashely Finely. We wouldn’t have been a fraction of successful as we were without their volunteered time, tireless efforts, and phenomenal organizational skills.