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  • Verbs
  • Vowels
  • Vegetables

The Navajo Language is the biggest indigenous language spoken in the U.S., that by the turn of the century, 50%-60% of the Navajo population spoke their native tongue. However, through the over saturation of English with younger generations and the introduction of technology without the incorporation of  Navajo, English has become quite commonly used throughout Navajo Nation. What we look to do is provide support by means of language reclamation, providing media and linguistic explanation for those individuals who wish to learn Navajo and expand their knowledge around what seems to be an impossible form of communication. 

Studies show that the more a person interacts with their heritage language, there is an improvement in self-esteem and cultural connection. Other factors include: an increase in academics, a more concrete idea of identity and a positive connection to culture. Attributes shown to improve once an individual begins the journey with their heritage language. 

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